What to expect in your horoscope?

Your horoscope report will define a roadmap for your personal & professional aspects of life. Your personal horoscope will also reveal the hidden secrets about your birth chart and tell you about major areas of your life i.e. Career, Wealth, Health, Marriage & much more. This report is well detailed and comes up with 60+ pages with prediction & remedies for next 10 years. All the predictions are made on the basis of Authentic Indian Vedic Astrology.

Premium Features Of Your Personal Horoscope

Personalised HoroscopeYour birth chart reflects the exact snapshot of the planets positioned at the time of your birth which rules major aspects of your life. Know what are the best possibilities coming your way in near future.

Horoscope ChartsKnow about your Ascendent Chart, Navmansha Chart & Moon Chart in detail for most accurate predictions.

Impact of Planets & HousesEach birth chart has nine planets which shows different effects in your life when placed in 12 different houses of your birth chart. Know which combination of house & planet is helping you and what needs to be treated.

Dasha AnalysisPlanets are continuously changing its positions which impacts your life majorly. Know about the current & upcoming dasha which will help you find the direction of your life in coming years.

Numerology AspectsEach number has its own vibrations. Know which days, dates & years will be lucky for you and what should be avoided as per your birth chart.

Manglik & Kaal Sarp AnalysisManglik & Kaal Sarp Yoga are most hyped yogas in any horoscope. Check if your horoscope is effected from it or you have an extra advantage in life.

Shani Sadhesati ReportSadhesati refers to a duration of Seven & Half year in which Saturn moves through three signs. Your report will contain Sadhesati analysis as per your birth chart along with remedies.

Gems & MantrasYour horoscope report will guide the right gemstone which will help you find the right door of success along with the powerful mantras to increase the effect of gemstones.

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Your Premium Horoscope Highlights

Remedies For Next 10 YearsKnow the best possibilities coming your way in next 10 years along with powerful healing remedies

Know About Your ChallengesYou can plan your life as per your horoscope report and get prepared for ups & downs coming your way.

Best Time To Take Major DecisionsYour horoscope report guides you on various aspects of your life which gives you a power to judge when to keep your foot forward and when to leave the ground.

Horoscope Pricing

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Why WeJyotish Ek Vigyan is a trusted company managed by professional astrologers with the experience of more than 25 years individually with a high success rate and a global client base.

Why are we charging ₹599?We know astrologers generally charge a hefty fee for consultations which can not be afforded by each and every person so we have facilitated affordable yet credible astrology reports and we charge ₹599 as a cost of servers, website, staff management & for bread and butter of astrologers.

Are computer generated reports 100% correct?Yes of course, Our team of astrologers has put in years of astrology based knowledge with highly skilled software developers to make sure no one suffers due to any human error while reading your birth chart. Machine shows 100% accurate data as per the birth details given by you.

Are you sure my each question is answered in your report?We have tried to cover all the major aspects of the life of an individual but sometimes you may have some other questions in mind. You can refer to sample reports available on this site. If you still feel you have any other doubt you can consult our astrologers at a nominal fee of ₹1100 and get your report free.

Horoscope Pricing

Your report will be generated manually and will be delivered to your mail box within 48hrs or your order at a lightning speed.


No extra cost for remedies.

More than 60 pages.

Delivered to your mail box to ensure your privacy.

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I ordered my horoscope from this site. I was unsure about the results. But the first thing I would appreciate is their delivery they delivered my report within 6hrs of the order. Secondly the predictions were very much accurate. Thanks a lot.

Harisht Pandey, Delhi

The most accurate and detailed horoscope I have found so far. I was literally very worried about this report but once I received it, I got a clear picture of my life.

Rajesh Tiwari, Patna

Only 3 words are enough “We Can Trust”

Megha Rajput, Rajasthan